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The increase in economic inequality means, among other things, that more families are in conditions of vulnerability. At present, most families have difficulties to build wealth, which would allow us to live with dignity, to prepare ourselves for old age or to facing contingencies.

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Labor and wages conditions have deteriorated in recent decades. For this reason, many of us believe that to fulfill dreams is a privilege of a few.

Dealing with "day by day" demanding employment or freelance work conditions, and the quest for efficiency at any cost, lead us to behavioral patterns that take us away from good living.





Inequality worldwide continues to rise. The richest 1% of the population has more economic wealth than 99% of the world population; and also receives more annual income than 50% of the world population.

(*) OXFAM 2018

In the Tertulias* and along with a community, we build tools to protect us from the economic vulnerability.

Through changes in consumption patterns, we realize our immense collective & individual power of creation & decision.

At TintoLibre we believe that we all can have a conscious life and thus align ourselves towards good living.